Informed & Involved – Strategic Legal Counseling

You never want to enter into any legal matter without being fully informed. This is especially true with your intellectual property when you need to protect a trademark, copyright or patent. Business owners and individuals alike have a bad tendency to overlook these steps only to find their valued inventions misappropriated.

That is why you need a law firm that focuses on thorough planning and strategy. The appropriately named, SLC Law Group for “strategic legal counseling” exists to help business owners, inventors, and the general public navigate their intellectual property matters. Trademarks that identity your business, written works, and inventions all enjoy protection under the law. However, that is never guaranteed unless you take the steps to activate it.

This same approach applies with business law and civil litigation too. Before you have intellectual property to protect, you may need to set up a business structure and work with government entities. We can do that as well whether it is to make a corporation filing or draft an appropriate agreement. If issues arise, we also offer skilled civil litigators to handle your disputes. We are experienced in state and federal courts, the appeals process, and  and taking a case to the Supreme Court.

Outside the business and intellectual world, our civil litigation cases include complex personal injury. Medical malpractice and product liability matters require attention to detail and the digestion of complex information. We take our experience with the other areas of law and apply to these matters which often involve dire personal circumstances.

SLC Law Group offers thorough legal representation Pasadena, CA and Los Angeles County. Call (800) 862-8470 to schedule a consultation.