About Us

Who We Are

SLC Law Group is a law firm distinguished from other firms by our core values and beliefs. At the heart of our practice is our strong experience and belief that we are servants of our clients with a duty to not only defend and protect but to also educate our clients on the law. With a clear understanding of the law, our clients play a principal and informed role in the development of strategic legal decisions.

SLC Law Group was founded and continues to be managed by an attorney with a law degree, an MBA, and an engineering degree from some of the most prestigious universities. Prior to starting Strategic Legal Counseling, the founding attorney was an accomplished product development engineer with several patents and an accomplished business executive for a Fortune 500 corporation. Click here to learn more about founding attorney Louis F. Teran.

What We Offer

Education for Informed Decision Making.

By educating our clients on the legal aspects of their case, our clients play a principal role in making strategic decisions. Regardless of the client’s formal education or understanding of the law, we invest our time as part of our services to ensure that our clients understand the legalities of their case. We believe that investing this time leads to effective STRATEGIC LEGAL COUNSELING and informed decision making by the client.

Complete Informed Involvement Throughout the Case.

By keeping our clients informed throughout the case, we achieve STRATEGIC LEGAL COUNSELING. By being informed and involved, the client becomes an integral part of the team.

Complete Access to Your Case File

Using MyCase legal software’s client communication tools, we are able to streamline client communications and keep you informed in real time with developments in your case. We provide you with a login to a private and secure portal where we can share calendars, documents, and billing details with you, as well as access to your entire case file.

FREE Unlimited Access to Attorneys for Questions and Guidance.

We do NOT charge for routine phone conversations or emails with clients. Charging clients for questions or comments by phone or email goes against our core belief of educating our clients on the legalities of their case. It is important to us that our clients get all of their questions answered and all of their ideas and comments on the table anytime during the case without fear being penalized economically. Without such freedom of interaction with attorneys, our services cannot be classified as STRATEGIC LEGAL COUNSELING.