Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law enforces protections and rights for creators and owners of tangible goods, names, symbols, artworks and inventions. In the way that real estate law provides protection for the owners of commercial and personal property, intellectual property law ensures inventors and owners of intangible items and creations are protected and able to profit from their [..]

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Civil Litigation

No one wants to litigate a matter but sometimes, it is inevitable. When a dispute arises and demands the attention of the court, you want legal representation that finds effectiveness in solid strategy. SLC Law Group serves the Los Angeles County area in civil litigation matters from trial court proceedings to appeals to the state [..]

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Business Law

There are many online platforms that claim business formation is easy. They contain fill-in online forms and website links where you can submit them. In many ways, these first steps are easy and many educated people successfully complete them without legal guidance. It is what happens after that which becomes an issue. A generic partnership [..]

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