Business Law

There are many online platforms that claim business formation is easy. They contain fill-in online forms and website links where you can submit them. In many ways, these first steps are easy and many educated people successfully complete them without legal guidance.

It is what happens after that which becomes an issue. A generic partnership agreement, for example, may not fully represent your interests. Business disputes and confrontations with government agencies can also occur. It is also fairly easy to choose the wrong type of business entity for your intentions and face liability in the future due to that misinformation.

For these reasons, hiring a law firm to handle your business law matters from formation to litigation is a prudent and wise course of action. SLC Law Group believes in strategy that starts with choosing the best type of business entity and forming strong contracts and agreements that reduce liability rather than produce it. Located in Pasadena, CA and serving the Los Angeles County area, you can count on us for your business’ legal needs.

Business Law

Starting You Out Right

Our business formation services include structuring your entity and producing agreements. Being a sole proprietor is a popular option but it also leaves you vulnerable to personal liability should anything go wrong—even if that event is a defective product that has everything to do with business and nothing to do with your personal life. A limited liability corporation or partnership could work better for you and that is why we discuss your business in detail when you schedule a consultation.

Agreements and contracts are also essential to a good start. You want solid forms for hiring independent contractors and partnership agreements that make it clear how everyone divides labor and profits. This will minimize disputes because everyone will enter the agreement knowing exactly what to expect. Anything that escalates can resolve quickly based on the terms.

Representation When You Need It

There will likely be a time when all your preparation efforts do not address a conflict fully. When disputes become more serious and litigation is imminent, legal representation is not just convenient but necessary.

That is why SLC Law Group also contains a litigation practice. We will start by negotiating the matter within the terms of the agreement and most of the time, that solves the dispute. If it continues to intensify, we will prepare for arbitration or trial.

For full-service business representation in Los Angeles County, contact SLC Law Group in Pasadena, CA.