Civil Litigation

No one wants to litigate a matter but sometimes, it is inevitable. When a dispute arises and demands the attention of the court, you want legal representation that finds effectiveness in solid strategy.

SLC Law Group serves the Los Angeles County area in civil litigation matters from trial court proceedings to appeals to the state supreme court. Located in Pasadena, CA our experience includes federal and state court and the appeals process with the ability to defend your matter to the highest court in the end. Whether you face a business law issue or a complex civil matter, we are prepared to offer you informed and thorough legal representation.

Civil Litigation

Complex Personal Injury: It’s All About Details

One area of civil litigation we offer is complex personal injury. This involves claims in product liability and medical malpractice and these matters often involve stringent details. Medical malpractice requires understanding of medical terms and grasping exactly what went wrong with your treatment or procedure. Product liability combines law with engineering as we dissect device failures and their role in your injury.

We developed this ability through our experience in intellectual property and business law since those are also very detail-oriented areas. The same attention we put into an intricate patent application will also be instrumental when reviewing your medical records or the properties of a failed product. You can rest assured that our representation in these matters will be meticulous and informed.

The Challenges of Business Disputes

Most lawsuits involve businesses suing businesses. The litany of transactions and contracts often involve misunderstandings and failed duties. This is especially true if agreements are not clear from the beginning or a partnership formation was not performed equitably. Even if you do everything right from the beginning, you can only make disputes rare—it is impossible to eliminate them completely.

Our business ligation team reviews your issues and advises on how to best settle a matter. Many of these cases settle in negotiation but if you need to go to trial, we arrive ready to plead your case to the best of our ability.

No matter your civil or business litigation matter in Los Angeles County, we emphasize communication. We do not bill for telephone or email inquiries because putting you in fear of excess charges discourages questions and keeps you misinformed. When you are facing a disputed that could rise to litigation, contact SLC Law Group in Pasadena, CA with confidence.