Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law enforces protections and rights for creators and owners of tangible goods, names, symbols, artworks and inventions. In the way that real estate law provides protection for the owners of commercial and personal property, intellectual property law ensures inventors and owners of intangible items and creations are protected and able to profit from their works.

Intellectual property law also exists to discourage and penalize infringements or the unauthorized use of intellectual property. Experienced attorneys at SLC Law Group will guide you through the entire process of trademarking, copyrighting or patenting your creation until you achieve the broadest and strongest protection under the law.

Patent Law

Patents are often associated with invented items, like new types of hard drives or a device that makes automobiles more efficient. They also apply to processes. If your business invented a particular algorithm to determine market interest in another product or you invent an app as an individual that makes life easier for others, those [..]

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Trademark Law

Trademarks surround us. You are likely familiar with the Nike swoosh or the General Mills “G”. They are also colors, like the John Deere green. Businesses use them to identify their brand and stand out in the market. These diverse identifying marks are also subject to legal protection. Imagine making the effort to build a [..]

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Copyright Law

As an individual or business you may not be limited to devices or trademarks. Your production may include written works, music, graphic arts, film projects or architectural design. Just like a trademark or an invention, these can be misused by other parties as well. That is why we have copyright law in the U.S. By [..]

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